E-Filing Income Tax Return ITR

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New ITR Form 2102-2013

Process Of e-filing Income Tax Return ITR

What Is e-Filing?

The process of electronically filing Income Tax Returns/Forms through the Internet is known as e-filing.

E-Filing Returns and Forms mandatory for:

  • Individual/HUF, having total Income of Rupees 10 Lakhs and above for AY 2012-2013 and subsequent assessment years.
  • Individual/HUF being resident, having asset, located outside India for AY 2012-2013 and subsequent assessment years.
  • Individual/HUF /Firm auditable u/s 44B of the IT Act, 1961 for AY 2012-2013 and subsequent assessment years.
  • All Companies

Types of E-Filing:

Types of Efiling


There are three ways to file income tax electronically:

Option1: Use Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to e-File. There is no further action needed if filed with DSC.

Option2: E-File without Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). In the case an ITR-V Form is generated. The Form should be printed signed and submitted to CPC Bangalore using ordinary post or speed post (without acknowledgement only within 120 days from the date of e-filing. There is no further action needed. There is no further action needed if ITR-V Form is submitted.

Option3: E-File the Income Tax Return through an e-Return Intermediately ERI with or without Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

It is mandatory to file Income Tax Forms using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) by a charted accountant.

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) used in e-filing the Income Tax Returns/ Forms should be registered on e-filing application.

How to e-file?

An Income Tax Return can be e-filed by:

Uploading Income Tax Return – A taxpayer can e-file Income Tax Return from ITR1 to ITR6.

Submit ITR-1 Online – An Individual taxpayer can e-file Income Tax Return ITR 1 Online.

Pre-requisite for registration in e-Filing Application

A user must register at https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/.

Pre-requisite to register:

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Membership with ICAI –For Charted Accountant


Registration Process:

  • Provide PAN, Password details, Personal details as per PAN Contact detail and Digital Signature if available and applicable.
  • Submit Request.
  • On Success Activation Link is sent to user through e-mail. Click on the activation link and activate e-filing account.


Once Registered, LOGIN by using User ID Password and Date of Birth/ Incorporation.

To Upload Income Tax Return:
 E-filing Return

Step 1: Go to download section and select and select applicable Income Tax Form of the relevant assessment year.

Step 2: Download the excel utility of relevant ITR Form.

Step 3: Fill Excel and Validate.

Step 4: Generate XML and Save in desired path or destination at your desktop or system.

Step 5: Login to e-filing application and Go to “E-file” Upload Return.

Step 6: Select the Income tax Return Form and assessment year.

Step 7:Browse and select the XML File.

Step 8:Upload Digital Signature Certificate, if available and applicable.

Step 9:Click Submit.

Step 10: On successful submission upload Acknowledgement details would be displayed. Click on the link to view or generate a printout Acknowledgement /ITR V Form.


1: To E-file using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), the DSC should be registered in application.

2: If the Income Tax return is uploaded with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), on generation of “Acknowledgement”, Return Filing process is completed.

3: If the return is not uploaded with DSC, on successfully upload of return an ITR-V Form will be generated. This is an Acknowledgement cum verification form. A duly verified ITR-V form should be signed and submitted to CPC. The return filing process will be complete only on receipt of the ITR-V at CPC, Bangalore.

Submit ITR1 Online: 


To Submit ITR-1 Online

Step1- Login to e-Filing application.

Step 2- Go TO ‘e-File’–>’Prepare and Submit Online’

Step 3- Select the Income Tex Return from ITR 1 and Assessment Year.

Step 4- Fill in the details and click the SUBMIT button.

Step 5- On successful submission, Acknowledgement detail is displayed

Click on the link to view or generate a printout of Acknowledgement/ITR-V Form.


1. To e-File using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC),the DSC should be registered in the application.

2. If the Income Tax Return is upload with a DCS (digitally signed),on generation of “Acknowledgement”, the Return Filling process is complete.

3. If the return is not upload with a DSC (digitally signed), on successful upload of e-Return, an ITR-V Form will be generated. This is an Acknowledgement cum Verification form. A duly verified ITR-V form should be signed and submitted to CPC. The Return filling process shall be complete only on receipt of the ITR-V at CPC, Bangalore.

Value Additions to e-File Income Tax Return

Pre -Fill- Personal and Tax Information can be pre-filled in the Income Tax Return.

-Login to e-Filing application

-GO TO → Downloads –>Download Pre-filled XML. Save the XML in the desired path/destination in your desktop/system.

-Open the Excel Utility (ITR) and click the “import Personal /Tax Details from XML” button. This will require you to select the path /destination where you have saved the XML and click OK. The details will be uploaded into your utility. You may edit the tax details, if needed

In case of ITR 1online, ITR 1 online will open with auto-filled personal and Tax particulars

View 26 AS Statement- An annual consolidated tax statement, which is provided to the assessee is called Tax Credit Statement(From 26AS).This statement has details of Tax Deducted at Source(TDS),Tax Collected at source(TCS),Advance Tax/Self Assessment Tax deposited in the bank by Tax payers, and Refund details for an assessment year.

Import Previous version XML- You can import the details of the previous version into the new version of the utility using the “Import Previous Version” feature. Click the “Import Previous Version” button and select the path where the previous version is available and click OK. The data is uploaded successfully.


Additional Services

View status –Income Tax Return, ITR-V, Demand/Refund, Rectification

View the states of your ITR, Demand/Refund and Rectification details.

View e-Field Return/Form

View the income Tax Returns, ITR-V Acknowledgement Form and the uploaded XML for the last thee assessment years. You can view these documents online anytime or save and print.

Refund Re-issue request

Request for refund re-issue if the Income Tax Return has been processed. If a refund is determined and it fails to reach the taxpayer then a request can be raised.

File Rectification

Rectify e-Filed Income Tax Return online, if required, only after completion of Income Tax Return processing by CPC of the Income Tax department.

E-File Defective Income Return u/s 139(9)

Taxpayer can e-File Income Tax Return against the Defective Notice issued to them u/s 139(9) for AY 2012-13.


New Features in e-Filing

New users-Charted Accountant are the new users added in the new e-Filing application .They can e-File Forms (other than ITSs) on behalf of their customers.

Add CA- This is a new feature wherein, an assessee can add a CA and assign/authorize the audit Form which a CA can submit on their behalf.

Opt for Higher Security- User can use the “opt for higher security”, wherein a Digital Signature Certification is needed to login.

Outstanding Tax Demand- User can check the outstanding demand details for all the assessment years in “My Account” after login.

ITR1 Online- Individual users can use this feature to prepare and submit ITR1Online.The PAN (non-editable) and Tax details(editable)are auto-filled to help in correct data to flow in.

Download ITR Form, XML and Pre-fill XML- User can download the ITR/XML submitted for three AY and also, download and use the pre-fill XML containing the PAN and Tax details.

Mobile Services- using the browser in the mobile, users can view various status on e-filing.

Call Center- A call center is added newly to help users on any e-filing queries.