Income Tax Refund Scam

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A new internet scam in form of income tax refund mail to empty your hard earned money from your bank account is on the prowl.

A salaried person is most afraid of Income Tax Department and even more if he receives a notice from the department. At the same time if one is to get a refund from the department, the in such case he is the most impatient person who wants his refund as soon as possible after filing his return.

Taking advantage of this emotion, some tech savvy persons having knowledge of income tax process as well as information technology, have devised a mean to defraud such people by sending mail to them asking them to claim refund by clicking a link in the mail body. See the sample mail actually received by one person.

Income Tax Act,



Now once a person receives such a mail, he /she immediately clicks the link to claim the refund thinking that process of refund has been made simpler and he clicks the link without actually observing the contents of mail.

On clicking the link that person is taken to a link asking it to enter their bank user ID and password. If that person obliges, his login ID and password of bank is compromised and he is sure going to lose all of his money.

Precautions to take:

1 . First of all check that do you actually are eligible for refund based on the return filed by you.

2. Check the mail ID from where the mail has come. In this case it is from Just to update your knowledge, all government sites have domain and no other.

3. In case you do not have any clue, immediately forward the mail to your tax consultant and ask him to verify the same.

So, be alert and be safe, as in this era of digital India many will be scammed and robbed digitally of the money they have earned manually.